You k is how you tell yourself something 

I found this Pilates YouTube workout for my back. I should be doing it but somehow I don’t seem to be getting Around to it. I’m the one at fault for it lol. Oh well. I could share it works well keeps my back loose. I just remember to how to do it. 



I did good on the test need to keep it up. I can’t,do good just stay off of caffeine. I can get through nursing school 

First day back

I liked it and missed it. I must say I had a good time with some of new friends and some old. It’s hard to see though. the fluorescent lights hurt. I will get through it. I hope it will get better and tolerable. It is also the lack of caffeine that might contribute towards it. I will work through it. As time goes on. I like the journey. It’s more about the journey. When I got home I had a dose of pain meds to help with the head aches. I also enjoyed a few snacks. 😛

I go back to school 

Whoop tomorrow I go back to nursing school and I couldn’t be any more excited. I got on  he deans list though with my work last semester that’s ok. I hope to not get to worked up about tests like I have I the past. But you know what I have learnt a lot in just the past few weeks about myself. I hope to keep it up. I learnt so much. About how positive I can be and how very resilient. I hope I remember that. 😄😅